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George Farrell is the Chief Executive Officer of American Security Trust,SA, an international conglomerate encompassing interest in Banking, Real Estate, Entertainment and Communications and a Member of the Board of the Global Academy for International Athletics He is also a published authorand powerful motivational speaker.


Starting as an intern for Senator Claiborne Pell (D) RI , The young Mr. Farrell went on to learn the intricacies of Capital Hill and to influence legislation later in life. His governmental experience encompasses serving as Associate Director of the Washington D.C. Housing Finance Agency and as a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Consultant for Empower Baltimore. During Mr. Farrell’s time in Washington, DC, He developed the guidelines for the Low-Income Designation adopted by the National Credit Union Administration, worked with the United States Treasury Department to refine the Community Development Financial Institutions Act of 1994, and organized the first two Community Development Financial Institutions. His testimony before the House
Subcommittee on Banking led to a fair adjustments to CAMEL rating for financial institutions.


George Farrell progressed from a senior government post to open licensed banking operations in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. Mr. Farrell combined mortgage banking operations with real estate development and developed profitable and sustainable real estate development projects.

He began by leading the redevelopment of several moderate income communities and directing urban development projects that changed blighted conditions into sustainable communities. Mr. Farrell led the creation of the first approved inclusionary zoning development in Florida. This community set aside forty-two affordable housing units for low to moderate-income families. Mr. Farrell has originated and closed over two hundred million dollars in real estate financing in North and Central America and is now building ecological and economical sustainable communities.


Mr. Farrell authored the STRONG BLACK MAN series of books, articles and webcast referenced by entertainers, athletes, politicians, lawyers, husbands, wives and youths as a practical guide to show step by step how to turn frustration, disappointment and downright ANGER into drive, determination, ambition, success and money. His books and writings are distributed in print and electronically by Amazon Kindle and Apple iPAD. Mr. Farrell points out the warning sign to avoid the three killers of the spirit (alcohol, drugs and sex) and how to refrain from the path of self destructive behavior that has tackled president’s, athletes and pastors. Mr. Farrell is a noteworthy speaker that moves audiences to positive actions.


George Farrell is a revered and honored businessman and philanthropist that also invest time to serve the citizens of the United States. He served on the following Boards – The Florida Commission on Human Relations, The Pinellas County Parks Board, The Tierra Verde Community Association, The Pinellas Wages Coalition, the Tierra Verde-Isla Del Sol Chamber of Commerce, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee. Mr. Farrell received numerous awards including the Tampa Bay Heritage Award, the Superstar Award from the National Minority Women’s Economic Development Loan Fund and the National Outback Superstar Award from the

Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast. Mr. Farrell’s many accomplishments are recognized in numerous television interviews, webcast, and print publications such as Bloomberg, Examiner, New York Times, Tampa Bay Magazine, Tampa Tribune, The St. Petersburg Times, The Weekly Challenger, St. Louis Dispatch, Credit Union Times, The Florida Real Estate Journal, The Washington Times and Freedom Magazine. He also contributes travel articles periodically to Examiner.com and American Airlines. Join me
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George Farrell
American Security Trust, SA.
San José, Costa Rica/Washington DC

202 683 9840
Skype: george.farrell25

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