Sonia Stickles


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Actor - Model


Location: New York State



My name is Sonia Stickles. I am from a very small town in upstate NY. I might look girly and pretty on the outside, but on the inside I am just "one of the guys" . I have been a tom boy my whole life, basically, other than the time when I was put in dance classes and humiliated by my mother as a little girl to be a model at a young age and wear "girly" clothes for shoots. I love fast cars and have even raced them before. I love sports and I will beat out plenty of boys when it comes to many of them but, now that I'm a little older wiser and hopefully a little more attractive, I dress like a woman, and always welcome the attempts to make heads turn. I went to college for acting and psychology and I feel I have a purpose in life, to entertain people and make them "think outside the box" if that makes sense! I am very outgoing, Im known to be crazy by just about anyone and everyone who meets me, and most people can handle it because my sense of humor is pretty versatile when it comes to any group of people Im "trying to impress" with my skills of saracasm! I love to have fun and I will try anything once! I believe you only live once so life shouldn't always be taken so seriously. I have a soft spot for animals & I am a hopeless romantic always "looking for my soulmate" in the produce aisle of the supermarket or waiting for a train at the train station. One way or another, or one place or another, I will find him eventually. For now I am young and I dont mind going through a few of the wrong guys to get to the right one someday. If any guy can handle me and keep up with the energy I have, he could be a keeper


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