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Rebecca "Holly Hood" Scott

Author of:

A New World Order

Hip Hop Illuminati

Real Hip Hop Gangsters

Space Ops Trilogy

The End Time Prophecies

The Manipulation of America

The Price of Fame

The Thug Bible

Violator 4 Life - The Chris Lighty Story



Rebecca "Holly Hood" Scott was born in Harlem in New York City. She wrote her first book at 10-years old; it was a collection of "mother" jokes. Prior to becoming a published author, Rebecca worked 25 years in the hip-hop music industry.


In the mid-Eighties, Rebecca competed for a record contract and loss to The Fat Boys in Tin Pan Apple's talent show at the renowned Fever Skate Club in the Bronx. But it was through the great Harry Belafonte who gave her first BIG break as a dancer in the early hip hop movie, Beat Street (1984) that Rebecca's hip-hop career really jumpstarted.


By the mid-Nineties, Rebecca was managing her first hip-hop act, Main Source, a rap group from Canada who made the chart-topping ballad rap, "Looking at the Front Door." Over the years she has worked with such big names as BMG Records, Atlantic Records, Jive Records, Nervous Records, East/West Records, Tommy Boy Records EMI and Universal Records. In addition, she has worked with such hip-hop luminaries as famed hip-hop lawyer Bob Celestin, entrepreneur P. Diddy, Film Director George Tan, Planet Studios,hip hop pioneer Sal Abbatiello, hip- hop Impresario Russell Simmons, hip hop photographer, Ernie Paniccioli, Public Enemy's Professor Griff and Flavor Flav, Tupac Shakur, rapper YO YO, Universal President Sylvia Rhone and others. As CEO of Great Scott Management, she represented dancehall artist, Mad Lion and rapper, KRS-1. In 1997, she collaborated with film director George Tan to bring Tupac Shakur's story to the screen via the documentary, "Thug Immortal". In fact, Rebecca's impetus to delve into the secret societies that run the entertainment business was piqued by Tupac's last album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.


In 2010, Rebecca gave her life to Christ Jesus. Shortly afterward, she received Divine Instruction to write her first book, Hip-Hop Illuminati, a revealing expose of those entertainers and record company execs who are now or have worked for the Illuminati and/or participated in Satanic rituals to secure their success. Following nights of torment Rebecca received the vision to write her second book, Real Hip Hop Gangsters, a chronology of the REAL thugs in hip-hop and the over 100 murders (some never publicized) that were directly attributed to hip hop artists (many whom have never stood trial). Always obedient to her assignment, which she believes is to educate and forewarn, she wrote her third book, "The Price of Fame" about the "Hollywood" side of the fame game. The follow-up, fourth work, The Manipulation of America shows how we are manipulated daily by Hollywood, the media, the government, corporations and even each other. Her fifth book, A New World Order breaks down the Illuminati agenda and how after years of planning and manipulation by the "elite" we have finally entered into a new world order. Her sixth book, a Sci-Fi novella, Space OPs Trilogy, gives a chillingly realistic scenario of a takeover of Earth by aliens. Her seventh work, The Thug Bible, is her own autobiography detailing how she went from hustling to hip hop to holy. Her eighth book is Violator 4 Life - The Chris Lighty Story and is about her friend, Chris Lighty, one of the nicest guys in hip hop and his supposed suicide. Rebecca's ninth work is Satan's Emissary, The Unauthorized Biography of Boxing Promoter Don King, Her tenth work is Psychological Warfare, a deeper look into the mechanisms used to manipulate America. Rebecca's eleventh book is the long anticipated, Satan's Children - Celebrities who have sold their Souls for Fame.


In 2012, Rebecca recorded a hip hop track entitled, "Rap to My Son(s)", (available on Amazon MP3s) which is a poignant mother's plea to the sons of this generation who do not realize that these are precarious times we are living in.


Presently, Rebecca is completing what will be her final work, The End Time Prophecies based on the Book of Revelations.


A prolific writer, historian, poet, chess player and percussionist; Rebecca lives in New York City.


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Featured Works


In this book I reveal "by name" those celebrities are admitted devil-worshipers and I reveal Hollywood's age-old satanic rituals and indoctrination practices.



In this book, I reveal the government's use of mind-control techniques and how these methods have been used over the years to complete some of the most horrific crimes.



The life and crimes of boxing promoter Don King










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