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Melyssa Savannah Ford (born November 7, 1976) is a Canadian model and actress.[3] She attended York University and studied in the field of forensic psychology.[4] Ford's father is Afro-Barbadian and her mother is Russian and Norwegian. She is often referred to as Jessica Rabbit, after the character from the animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit whose voluptuous figure Ford's is said to resemble.[1][5]:3

Entertainment career

In the late 1990s, music video director Little X discovered Ford while she was working as a bartender at a Toronto nightclub and helped launch her music video career.[6] She has appeared in music videos, men's magazines, television programs and films.[1] Ford was an on-air personality for Sirius Satellite Radio's Hot Jamz channel.[7] She sells a line of calendars and DVD.[8]

In a 2008 CNN interview, Ford said that when making music videos she often asked herself whether she was "perpetuating a negative stereotype" about black women. When she was asked whether music videos, overall, are "demeaning to women", Ford replied, "Yes, I definitely have to say that."[4]

Selected music videos


Selected magazine appearances

    • King
    • Maxim
    • Smooth [Ford was the author of an advice column for Smooth]
    • XXL and XXL Eye Candy

Selected television appearances

Selected filmography

Video game appearance

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