Javona Angelique


javon_thumbJavona Angelique

Agent: Jaron Hines-SportsAgents.Net

Eyes: Brown                                                                                         Skirt: 4-6

Hair: Black                                                                                           Blouse: Medium

Height: 5’8”                                                                                          Pant: 4-6

Shoe: 9                                                                                                34B-26-35  

The Right Temptation, extra, featuring Kiefer Sutherland 
Sydney White and the Seven Dorks, extra, ft. Amanda Bynes 
Pocket Full of Gold, featured extra, Cowgirl Hottie 
7th Day, principal lead, Megan 
Echoes, lead, Jesse 

Seventeen                     Finalist/Runway            JCPenny 
Alexa                           Model                          Tampa Int’l Mall 
Baileys Models Hair Model                   Orlando Convention Ctr. 
Baileys Models Promotional Model       Guinness 
DK Models                  Billboard Model           Casino Royal 
Platform                       Hair Model                   Platform Hair Magazine 
Jam`e                           Hair Model                   Jam`e Hair Products 
Diamond                      Nike Model                  Orlando Convention Ctr. 
Swisher Sweeties          Model                          Swisher
C.F.T                           Model                          Adobe

Sea World Aquatica- principal lead 
Castel Beer commercial- principal lead 
Beef-O-Brady’s commercial- principal lead 
Home Shopping Network- live television model 
Emerald Coast commercial-principal lead 
Bealls- principal lead 
Gillette- extra 
Seminole Powersports-spokesperson 
Discovery Cove- principal lead 
Mojo Risin-principal lead 
Bright House Networks-principal lead 
Disney Epcot-principal lead 
Sykes-principal lead 
Disney Cruise lines- principal lead 

Smokey Bones- principal lead


Linx Credit- principal lead

Special Skills

Singing (Disney), mimicry, drive a stick, yoga, quick learner, video gamer

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