New Christian App - Guardian Light of the World

small_splash Guardian Light of the World, Developed by SportsAgents.Net.  10% of all purchases sewn into various ministries



Description "A Great game for young and old alike to Teach, Grow, and Inspire" 

Guardian: Light of the World (GLOW) is a First of its kind, a "Christian Game" which provides you, the player, with the understanding of sin and how it destroys lives, how to overcome it in the game and life, as well as a better understanding of Gods 10 commandments and their purpose, to not bind you, but free you. The game also gives players/users the opportunity to learn The Lord’s Prayer, Accept/Deny The Guardian as Lord and Savior via the Prayer of Salvation with pertinent Scriptural Information. The game/app entertains with great graphics and sound effects.




Available at the Apple Store 1/12/12, can be downloaded to

Iphones, Ipods, Tablets, Mac Books and soon Androids

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth upon Him should not perish but have everlasting life


•Receive Gods Son via "The Prayer"

•Learn the 10 Commandments- Gods Rules

•Learn how to beat your sins

•Learn the Lord’s Prayer- A Prayer of Faith

•Understanding Your Purpose in Life

•Don’t let your SinPot Overflow-

•Destroy Sin Monsters & save the people

•How Sin is used to Kill, Steal, & Destroy

•Entertain, Teach, Share and Grow in God






Guardian Light of The World is a Biblically Based App that allows the user/player to confess their sins daily and have the confessed sins generate into monsters (each commandment broken is related to a sin monster). The sin monsters then try to attack the people within the town of a population of 2000 people, who are in the body of Christ, and can only be defeated with the love and defense of The Guardian. Just as in real life, we all need a savior to help us realize our sins and to help us overcome them. The user can say their own prayer or we can assist you with "The Lords Prayer" via the "Pray" button. The sin then turns into a monster that seeks to destroy the people who are within The Body of Christ, (The Guardian), just as sin in the flesh (real world)does. The character of The Guardian appears to defend the town against the sin/monster. Your objective: Save the towns people with The Guardian: Light of the World, Don’t let sin win!!!!!!


Thanks and Help:


We want to give God the glory and honor for allowing us to bring this game into the world. It is our hope that lives are changed and that people are set free from sin and bondage. Our biggest hope is that all who play are either saved or will choose to be saved in their own lives. Remember the game is just a game unless you really choose to receive The Savior aka Guardian. We welcome any feedback of any kind, and also ask that you help us to spread the word and the game by sharing and liking the app with friends and family via Twitter and Facebook, simply click on the share link. Please note that 10% of all sales of the app are used to give back into chosen Ministries, Churches, and Charities

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