Big Bounce/Brendan O'Hara

big bounce 1 Big Bounce/Brendan O'Hara

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The Long Story

Made in Miami. Using the most adept musicians, Brendan O’Hara has assembled a band as eclectic and energetic as the Magic City itself. Funky and lyrical- with in the pocket drums, sensitive-soul- spiced bass, with Division One University tight horns that gel sweetly and solo swiftly…The backing band's sound surrounds this singer-songwriter who performs as if it’s the last time he’ll touch a microphone. Jumping between piano and guitar throughout the set- the sound slides from old school R&B to Rock and Roll with obvious elements of Jazz and Soul story telling…We call this Roots-Rock-Street-lounge. A sound steeped in an older Era- like Bitters and Bourbon, Tonic and Gin,  yet infused with the raw perspective of the New Millenium. Gaining the respect of South Florida’s regional community, and fans from New York to New Orleans, the sound is homemade and ready to travel. NBC, The Miami Herald, Ocean Drive, Miami Modern Luxury, the Village Voice syndication- They have all made note! The accolades have been bestowed both for their creatively concocted sound- part urban/part tropical- and their approach to the ever evolving landscape of the new music ‘bidness, so you’re bound to catch Brendan O’Hara & his big band just about any where- The candle lit speak easy, pool side well past sunset , or Center Stage- until the light’s go out.

The Short Story

Brendan O'Hara, a miami main stay, has been big bouncing his way around the country for the better part of this millennium sharing his music, story telling and a raw energy that must been seen to be felt. With drums, bass, keys, guitar and horns, Brendan mixes up A blend akin to a fine cocktail- organic- fresh- chilled- and intoxicating- the music mashes the finest of genres- and delivers roots rock- street lounge- it knows it's roots, it's knows how to rock, they swing and croon and can be heard from the streets, to the finest lounge, and on america's most reputable stages.


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